Mon, 07. Oct. 2019   Woroch, Robert

Anmeldung zum Bachelor- und Master-Projekt im WS 2019/20 am SOFTEC-Lehrstuhl

Für das kommende WS 2019/20 bietet der SOFTEC-Lehrstuhl ein umfangreiches Angebot an Themen für Bachelor- und Master-Projekte an. Im Rahmen der Projekte gestalten oder implementieren die Studierenden ein Informations- bzw....
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 Wed, 25. Sep. 2019   Woroch, Robert

Teaching offerings of the SOFTEC chair (prof. Eicker) for the winter semester 19/20; especially themes for bachelor and master projects

The Information about teaching offerings for the current semester are now available on our website. The teaching offerings of the current semester for students of bachelor degree courses are listed below: Einführung in die...
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 Mon, 02. Jul. 2018   Florian, Fabienne

Successful paper presentation at the 26th European Conference of Information Systems (ECIS) by the SOFTEC team

At this year's European Conference of Information Systems, the chair team successfully presented its paper  „Can Self-Tracking Solutions Help With Understanding Quality of Smart, Connected Products?“ in form of a poster...
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 Thu, 28. Jun. 2018   Peter Schuler

New web design of the university – pilot project of the business information systems group

Planning and shaping the future - for us this also means using our own expertise to advance projects of the UDE. Due to their high information density, university websites are complex case studies. Especially due to the...
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 Wed, 09. May. 2018   Strobel, Gero

SOFTEC paper accepted for the 26th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)

We are proud to announce that the paper - CAN SELF-TRACKING SOLUTIONS HELP WITH UNDERSTANDING QUALITY OF SMART, CONNECTED PRODUCTS? by Barbara Schiller; Tobias Brogt; J. Peter M. Schuler and Gero Strobel are accepted at the 26th...
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 Thu, 29. Mar. 2018   Brogt, Tobias

SOFTEC-Studienprojekt: Implementierung einer Software zur Personaleinsatzplanung

Im Rahmen des Studienprojekts ist es das Ziel und die Aufgabe, auf Basis einer bereits vorhandenen umfassenden Anforderungsbeschreibung sowie eines Konzepts eine Softwarelösung zu implementieren, die eine IT-gestützte...
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 Tue, 19. Dec. 2017   Florian, Fabienne

New scientific employee at our chair: Gero Strobel

It is our pleasure to welcome our new employee Mr. Strobel as a part of our Research Group for Business Informatics and Software Engineering who joined us in December 2017. In 2013 Mr. Strobel successfully absolved his bachelor...
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 Tue, 17. Oct. 2017   Florian, Fabienne

SOFTEC study project: Conception of a software for staff deployment

The aim of the study project is the development of a holistic and realizable concept for a software solution that enables IT-based staff deployment. The concept needs to be based on a pre-defined description of requirements. You...
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 Wed, 06. Sep. 2017   Florian, Fabienne

Announcement regarding the SOFTEC bachelor and master projects WS 17/18: only unsolicited applications

Our research group will not publish any topics for study projects in the upcoming winter term (official title of the modules: Bachelor Project Business Information Systems and Master Project Business Information Systems). But,...
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 Fri, 11. Aug. 2017   Florian, Fabienne

Successful paper presentation at the 23rd Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)

Tobias Brogt, Barbara Schiller, J. Peter M. Schuler and Prof. Dr. Stefan Eicker had the pleasure to successfully present their paper „The Role of Quality in Sociotechnical Systems“ at the 23rd Americas Conference on Information...
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 Fri, 23. Jun. 2017   Florian, Fabienne

Granting of a doctorate – Michael Beul receives Ph.D.

On Monday, April 3, 2017, Michael Beul has successfully passed his doctoral examination on the subject of "Real-time information retrieval for software-intensive systems" ("Echtzeit-Informationsbeschaffung in softwareintensiven...
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 Thu, 01. Jun. 2017   Florian, Fabienne

Job offer at the chair of Prof. Eicker

We are looking for two new staff members for the campus in Essen for the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, more specifically for the subject of Business Informatics and Software Engineering: Scientific staff at...
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