Mon, 25. May. 2020   Katsanou, Marina

SOFTEC chair receives funding within the framework of the UDE support program Lehr-Lern-Innovation

The chair of Information Systems and Software Engineering is pleased to announce that the SOFTEC IoT Innovation Lab under the direction of Gero Strobel is supported with a grant of 10.000€ within the framework of the Lehr-Lern-Innovation. Within the SOFTEC IoT Innovation Lab, students from various disciplines will have the opportunity to work together on research-oriented IoT projects from different domains in an interdisciplinary way.

The aim of the project is to promote the research-oriented knowledge and experience of students in the context of modern information technologies, such as the Internet of Things or augmented reality. In particular with regard to the increasing social relevance of intelligent products and services, the IoT Lab gives students the opportunity to creatively participate in concrete IoT-oriented scenarios beyond abstract teaching content, thus expanding their academic education with a practice-oriented perspective. 

The SOFTEC IoT-Lab will be integrated into several courses in the future and will thus expand the portfolio of seminar papers, final theses and study projects of the chair. Further information can be found on the IoT-Lab website (link).