Tue, 07. May. 2019   Katsanou, Marina

Scientific Article Published on the Use of Service Systems to Implement Innovations

Tobias Brogt, together with Prof. Dr. Stefan Eicker, has successfully published an article on the use of service systems to implement innovations in the context of digitalization.

The article first discusses the modern understanding of service-oriented logic and its implementation in service systems, before taking a closer look at the design and development of service systems for the implementation of innovations. Further, influencing factors are identified that are important for the development of service systems.

As a result, the authors state that existing approaches are abstract and therefore not directly suitable for the design and development of innovative service systems.

The article has been published in Springer Verlag's Handbuch Digitale Wirtschaft, edited by Prof. Dr. Tobias Kollmann.

Link to the articel: Einsatz von Servicesystemen zur Umsetzung von Innovationen im Kontext der Digitalisierung