Research areas

Procedure models

The research area of procedure models is especially focused on the examination of models that illustrate migration, integration and refactoring processes in the context of reengineering of existing applications. Moreover, the research area is about the development of methods and conventional solution approaches that support different phases and activities of procedure models. We validate these methods and approaches in practice-oriented projects. Another focus of our research is based on procedure models for the development of flexible and enterprise-wide IT architectures.

Software architectures and processes

The research area of the development of applications and systems is especially based on the development of flexible application systems. Furthermore, we explore the design of enterprise-wide IT architectures, belonging patterns and the design of software development processes that enable an effective and qualitative implementation of application systems.

Software visualization

Nowadays software systems and architectures are very complex. Therefore, it is necessary to use tools that reduce the complexity for development, maintenance and reengineering activities. We develop concepts for an appropriated visualization of system structures and architectures. Among other concepts, this development is based on view concepts, innovative types of illustration and 3D technologies.

Development platforms

Development platforms like Mainframe (MVS, TSO, CICS, COBOL), .NET, J2EE and SAP (R/3 and NetWeaver) are the subject of our research work because of their relevance for existing economic applications and new developments. Moreover, our focus of this research area is based on exploring best practices and the integration of these development platforms in an enterprise-wide and flexible IT architecture.

IT service management

The fundamental task of the IT in terms of IT governance and IT alignment is the support of business processes of enterprises or institutions. For the fulfilment of this task it is necessary to design the organisational structure and the process organisation in an appropriated way. We explore different frameworks that include design measures. We are also involved in the review process of ITIL V3. Moreover, we develop appropriated concepts for aspects that have not been observed in frameworks like the enterprise-wide process integration of service providers and customers. Another focus of our research are cost structures of the IT service management that we illustrate in meaningful models.

Softec Competence Lab

Our chair developed the "Softec Competence Lab" for the support of our teaching and research. It is especially devoted to the evaluation of new concepts, methods, tools and the development of prototypes. For the support of that, the Softec Competence Lab provides test environments and the installation of tools, application servers, EAI and portal solutions and more. The environment is focused on the teaching and research areas of software engineering, business process management, enterprise application integration, software evolution (migration and reengineering) and process-oriented user interfaces.