Completed projects


The research project PERCOP was about the development of concepts and prototypes for the context-sensitive information procurement in real time within the use of application systems. The goal of the concept was the optimisation and automation of information search processes of users to support an effective way of working while using application systems within different domains. The realisation of this concept took place by using and adapting procedures of the areas context awareness, information retrieval and web search. You can find more information about PERCOP on the website of the project.


The research project Kaleidoscope was about the development of concepts and prototypes for the context-sensitive generation and visualization of generic architecture views in the context of service oriented architectures. The research work and the development of the project is based on established view concepts. Moreover, we also took aspects into account that regard the increasing complexity of the management and the development of economic application systems. An important focus of the project was the exploration of appropriated visualization methods for system structures and processes with the use of 3D technologies.


The research project Ariadne was about the development of a generic procedure model for the realization of flexible, enterprise-wide IT architectures. This realization took place by the performing of migration, integration und refactoring projects.

Workflow system with web interfaces

The project was developed for the “Sparkasse Essen” that included the development of a workflow system that is based on a distributed Lotus Notes environment. The purpose of the system was the support of transactions of requests for credits. In detail, the system is supposed to handle the whole process of requests for credits. Moreover, the system contains a web interface that provides useful features for the customers concerning the calculation and application of their credits. 

IT-supported development of key performance indicators

The project was about the development of a knowledge-based generator for key performance indicators. For this development we had the support of a large service company. The generator enables the classification of services of a product area. Based on this classification, the generator creates a ranking of key performance indicators that are useful for the management of the product area. Furthermore, the generator supports the alignment of operative key performance indicators and key performance indicators that are requested by the top management.

Evaluation of development platforms

The subject of the project was the evaluation of alternative development platforms for a middle-class systems house. This evaluation was based on a requirements catalogue. Moreover, there was a feasibility study that was supposed to analyse the changeover from the current platform to alternative platforms. 

Reengineering of Host-PL/1 programs for the calculation of consumer credits

The focus of the project was the adaption of five PL/1 programs of the “Sparkasse Essen” to EU directives. In detail, it was a project in the area of consumer credits. First of all we analysed the source code and did a documentation. Afterwards we identified changes for the source code that were necessary for the adaption and the structuring of the programs. We also programmed and tested the source code in an appropriated environment.

Internet billing

The project was about a market study in the field of "Internet Bill Presentment and Payment" that was devoted to the Deutsche Post AG (business segment PostCom). The purpose of the study was the detection of opportunities for electronic billing, bill transmission and the settlement of a bill based on the internet. On the one hand this study was performed from the viewpoint of a bill recipient and on the other hand it was performed from the viewpoint of a biller.

Date warehousing in the area of the production sector

The project’s subject was the performance of a situation analysis and the following development of a data warehouse. The purpose was the improvement of the controlling of the forklift production of a large machine engineering company.

Hospital residence time

The project was for the employer-based health insurance Hoesch and the subject was the development of an expert system for the estimation of the residence time of patients in hospitals.