Wintersemester 22/23

Concepts of Web Engineering

Blended Learning

Concepts of Web Engineering (CWE)

  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Eicker
  • Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. J. Peter M. Schuler
Winter Semester 2022/2023
Do 12:15-13:45
Online: Zoom, see details
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In order to get access to course material from off-campus without moodle, contact schuler (at)

Zoom-Room is still the same URL as annouced starting the semester, just join every Thursday for the session.

Learning Targets:

The aim is teaching concepts in the context of Web Engineering. In Detail this is not about specific methods, but rather how technologies interact and how to chose the proper technology

In addition to the technological aspects the historical and social development of the web as a medium will be discussed as well as economic implications of this.

Students finishing ths course will be enabled to analyse new trends in web and web engineering, to contextualize them and argue their fit for specific applications.


  • Part 1: The Need for Websites
    • Track 1.1: Web x.y
      • history, present, future
      • principles
      • social and political relevance
    • Track 1.2: Strategic Planing
      • definition of key objectives for a website
      • Webprojekte
      • life-cycle-management
      • Usability and Design
    • Track 1.3: Intranet and Extranet Portals
      • (dis)connected networks
      • requirements
  • Part 2: The Environment for Websites
    • Track 2.1: Client Technologies
      • browsers and hardware
      • Mobile clients
      • webpages and webservices
    • Track 2.2: Server Technologies
      • PHP, JSP, ASP; JEE, ASP.NET, RoR
      • AJAX
    • Track 2.3: Integration Concepts
      • communication with other systems
    • Track 2.4: Web-Content-Management-Systems
  • Part 3: The Alternative View upon Websites
    • Track 3.1: Accessibility
      • why care?
      • how to measure accessibility
    • Track 3.2: Search Engine Optimization
      • of course we care – do we?
      • sense and necessity of search ranks
    • Track 3.3: Making Money
      • generating products
      • marketing and advertising
  • Part 4: The Problem of Websites
    • Track 4.1: Ensuring Data Availability
      • Backups
      • Scaling of Systems
    • Track 4.2: Securing Data from Others
      • authorization and obfuscation
      • session hijacking, XSS, SQL injections, etc
    • Track 4.3: Exam Preperation


All lecture material will be available via Moodle, for access see formalities.

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